Xinart Weeding Tools Set for Vinyl Craft

$47.00 BBD


  • ✩[Vinyl Weeding Tool]—Xinart vinyl weeding tool kit includes 1 pcs hook weeder, 1 pcs hook tweezers, 1 pcs scissors, 1 pcs spatula, 1 pcs scraper, and 1pcs graver knife. Make weeding vinyl or Iron on part of the fun of creating with weeding tools that make it fast and easy.
  • ✩[Carving Knife]—Xinart graver knife with its razor-sharp edge piercing tip and superior blade lock system, graver knife gives you better control and beautiful results every time, you will experience amazing precision and accuracy when working on a wide variety of materials including vinyl, paper cardstock, thin plastics, canvas and more. It’s ideal for art, scrapbooking, stencils, and DIY projects. Our craft knife is easy to change the blade.
  • ✩[Extra Large Scraper & Spatula]—Xinart weeding tool large scraper is custom design constructed to clean large areas and applies the material to larger surfaces with ease, ideal for working with vinyl and cleaning your cutting mats and other surfaces, contributing to a longer lasting cutting mat. The spatula will precisely lift images from the cutting mat, preventing tearing and curling. All of these tools help to take off your work from the adhesive cutting mat so easily.
  • ✩[Hook Weeder & Tweezers]—Xinart weeding tools for vinyl hook weeder is great for removing tiny cuts, including negative pieces of vinyl and iron-on from the carrier sheet, or poking out tiny negative pieces from a cut cardstock image. The tweezers pick and hold securely, you realize that it saves you a bunch of effort as you get about your crafting.
  • ✩[Safety Protection Scissors]—Xinart vinyl weeding tool scissors are very sharp and small enough to do intricate detail work. It cut cleanly with a micro-tip blade and provide precision cuts with all materials. Hardened stainless steel blades feature a removable blade cover. Note: Put on the cover so as not to dull the blade or injure oneself when the scissors not in use.


Xinart 6 PCS Weeding Tools for Vinyl

Xinart vinyl weeding tool kit includes 6 pcs tools:

  • 1 pcs hook weeder
  • 1 pcs hook tweezers
  • 1 pcs scissors
  • 1 pcs spatula
  • 1 pcs scraper
  • 1 pcs graver knife


Xinart weeding tools for vinyl make weeding vinyl or Iron on part of the fun of creating with weeding tools that make it fast and easy.