X1 Handheld Sanitizing Fogger – 200ml

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  • 【New Electric Sprayer】Equipped with anti-clogging aluminum alloy nozzle, it can provide ultra-fine 0.26nm nano-level spray. 200ml(6.8oz) container design, and spray distance of up to 2 meters(6.5ft), you can efficiently complete a large area of ​​cleaning work one time.
  • 【Wireless Rechargeable Design】This cordless sprayer is powered by a 4800mAh lithium battery. Fully charged in 3-4 hours, continuous working time up to 2 hours. 110V-240V universal rated voltage, safe and convenient.
  • 【Easy to used】Press and hold the switch for 2-3 seconds to start spraying. The normal design of temperature atomization is safer than high-temperature atomization. Not only does the mist sprayer make the liquid medicine ingredients more effective, but it also prevents the generation of harmful gases. The fog droplets are efficient and uniform.
  • 【Handheld Lightweight Body】Gets rid of the shackles of wires, you can use it for every corner in your own space freely. It weighs only 1.7lb after the atomizer bottle filled with liquid. You won’t feel tired when working for a long time, more suitable for one-handed operation. And its portable size does not take up your space.
  • 【Widely Used】Spray on any surface, suitable for clothing, office supplies, public goods, fitness equipment, car and so on. Not only for cleaning professionals, yet easy enough to be used by small business owners and homeowners who want to clean their own spaces, such as home, office, kindergarten, churche, school, etc.