Sublimation Spray Coating for Cotton Shirts, High Gloss Finish

$45.00 BBD


  • Topcolor sublimation spray can be used on light colored fabric, including cotton, polyester, canvas, etc.
  • It can be used directly without dilution. Non-toxic, eco-friendly, fast dry and easy to use.
  • Please spray the liquid until water drops are evenly distributed on the cloth surface to make the image clearer and save product consumption. Be sure to use it with sublimation ink and sublimation transfer paper.
  • Recommended sublimating temperature: 390 ° F (210 ° C) for 30 to 35 seconds, otherwise the T-shirt will discolor. Please put a piece of rubber or soft cloth under the fabric that you are going to dye to prevent it from yellowing.


  • Steps for Using Sublimation Coating Spray


    1. Spray the coating on the surface of clean fabric.
    2. Leave it to dry for 5s-10s or use a heat machine to steam dry at high temperature.
    3. Using sublimation printer and ink to print any mirror pattern design you want.
    4. Place the printed mirror sublimation pattern paper facing down the clothes.
    5. Cover with a layer of heat insulation paper to avoid yellowing.
    6. Use heat machine to press to print the pattern at 390°F (210°C) for 30s to 35s.
    7. Tear off the heat transfer paper, the pattern is already printed.
    8. Please leave it for at least 24 hours before washing, do not use the dryer.

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