Royal Sovereign 120 Sheet Auto-Feed

$575.00 BBD

120 sheet AUTO FEED

6.6 gallon waste bin

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  • Efficiency: Auto-feed can shred 120 sheets. Manual feed can shred 5 sheets.
  • Quiet operation: operates under 65 dB.
  • Security: uses P-4 level cross-cut security to shred particles sized 4 x 28 mm.
  • Safety: features overheat protection and auto-reverse to assist with jams.
  • Easy maintenance: bin full indicator will notify user when to empty the basket.
  • Continuous run-time of 60 minutes
  • Master power switch must be flipped to the on position before use. It can be found on the side of the unit.


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Destroy private documents and materials with the Royal Sovereign Auto-Feed Cross-Cut Shredder. Royal Sovereign’s patented auto-feed shredding technology allows users to shred up 120 sheets at a time, with a shredding speed of 13.12 ft. per minute. The RAF-25P can shred documents, staples, and credit cards.

Be at ease when taking out your trash. P-4 level cross-cut security offers high protection for confidential information and documents. The RAF-25P shreds documents into 4 x 28 mm particles.

This machine is equipped with overheat protection that shuts off the unit if the motor gets too hot. The RAF-25P is also equipped with an auto-reverse function to assist with jams, as well as an auto start and stop function that will automatically shred when paper is inserted and stop when shredding is finished.

The RAF-25P is a perfect hands-free shredder solution for your home or small office. The shredder’s compact design saves space and it includes attachable caster wheels that allow for easy transportation.


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RAF-25P, RAF-C120