Neenah Jet-PRO SS JETPRO SOFSTRETCH Heat Transfer Paper 8.5 X 11″

$15.00 BBD

5 Sheets.

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  • JET-PROSS HEAT TRANSFER PAPER Product #9811P0 Designed for the heat transfer of photos and images using inkjet printers to light colored T-shirts, sweatshirts, mouse pads, coasters, puzzles and leather goods. Works well with cotton, cotton blends and synthetics. This is the easiest product to use and has the least ‘hand’. COMMERCIAL PRESS INSTRUCTIONS PRINTING INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Print the image in reverse/mirrored format. 2. Trim away the unprinted areas of the transfer if desired. PRE-TRANSFERRING INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Prepare the substrate by ensuring the surface is clean, dry and wrinkle free. TRANSFERRING INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Place the transfer on top of the garment with the image side touching the substrate (backing paper is facing you). 2. Press 30 seconds @ 375°F using medium/heavy pressure. 3. Peel the paper while still hot in a smooth even motion. (Paper may be peeled at any temperature, depending on what end ‘feel’ results are preferred). 4. For best “hand”, stretch the garment while hot. HAND IRONING INSTRUCTIONS Product #9811P0 PRINTING INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Print the reversed/mirrored image on the coated side of the paper. 2. Trim away the unprinted areas of the transfer. PRE-TRANSFERRING INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Preheat iron to highest setting – do NOT use steam (empty all water). 2. Iron on a SMOOTH HARD surface; do NOT use an ironing board. 3. Place a pillowcase on the surface and iron the pillowcase removing any wrinkles. 4. Place substrate on pillowcase and iron it to remove wrinkles. TRANSFERRING INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Place image on top of garment with image facing down (backing of paper is facing you). 2. Using 2 hands, using heavy pressure slide the iron up and down (vertically) over the entire image for 90 seconds, then repeat going from left to right (horizontally) for 90 seconds. 3. Peel the backing paper off the image immediately after completion of ironing.