Hot Foil Pens Set, USB 2.5mm

$75.00 BBD

Category: SKU: B08M6BVTLN


  • 【Package included】:1 Set Heated Foil Pen(1xUSB Heat Pen,1xHeat activated foil roll)
  • 【Good Material】:This Hot Foil Pen Made of high quality durable strong iron,and DC5V USB Cables
  • 【Easy to Work With】:This pen is electrically -not battery- powered. That makes a difference in getting the tip hot enough to not have to sit on the foil forever. It reacts quickly and accurately, it doesn’t leave behind patches of foil that you have to try and fix after the fact, It’s super easy you just plug the pen to a battery power pack let it heat for 5mins cut the foil to the size you want place it over the object you want with the foil facing up, write or draw with the pen.
  • 【Widely Use】:You can use stencils, trace stuff, stamp stuff and trace.Sparkle up an invitation or an impromptu card. Add a little pizazz to a journal, a lunch bag, a headband, some earrings, a bag, a purse, a pencil pouch,
  • 【Note】: Please make sure to check if the charger input voltage is 5V when plugging into the pen USB port, or the product will be damaged!!!



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