Edible Inks

$38.00 BBD

65ml Bottle


Our edible refill ink gives true vibrant colors and amazing print quality. Icinginks refill edible inks are designed to print on cakes, cookies, icing, frosting, wafer paper and chocolate transfers. Icinginks™ uses premium quality food grade products for the production of edible ink. Simply fill your clean empty injector syringe with Icinginks edible ink and inject into your edible refillable cartridges.


IMPORTANT: Our edible inks are FDA compliant and meets the U.S food regulations. You should not mix regular printer inks with edible inks to avoid contamination. These food coloring inks are only to be used with inkjet printers for bakery and decoration purposes and not be consumed or swallow directly. Keep these inks away from children and also use gloves for safe and clean refilling.


Colours Available:


Art made Edible