$26.00 BBD

Price is set per yard.



“Whether I customize cotton t-shirts, hoodies, or work pants, which heat transfer vinyl can offer ease of use while guaranteeing a long-lasting result?” We created GIMME5 to answer that question. It applies in just 4 seconds at 140°C/285°F, it offers a wide color selection, is fully opaque even on dark garments, and has an elegant matt finish.
Thanks to its thickness of only 80 microns, GIMME5 is pleasant and soft on any garment and easy to use.  This film is made using only the highest quality raw
materials, which ensures a long-lasting application.  We have tested it to last over 100 wash cycles at  90°C/194°F.


• Knockout
• Multi-layer, suggested up to 5 layers
• Layering with other products


• Cut – 45° blade
• Weed excess material
• Turn on your heat press – heat to 140°C/285°F
• Place your graphic on the garment
• Press it – 140°C/285°F for 4 seconds
• Remove the liner – hot

GIMME 5 Colours IN STOCK at C.L. Gibbs Solutions

Five 700A – white
Five 710A – black
Five 714A – grey
Five 720A – medium yellow
Five 722A – pumpkin yellow
Five 728A – lemon yellow
Five 730A – red
Five 734A – orange
Five 735A – coral red
Five 736A – pink
Five 740A – royal blue

Five 750A – green
Five 751A – lime green
Five 754A – grass green
Five 761A – aubergine
Five 763A – cappuccino
Five 764A – leather
Five 765A – flamingo pink
Five 769A – caramel beige
Five 770A – purple
Five 783A – aquamarine