B-FLEX Fatty

$18.00 BBD

Price is set per ft.


BF FATTY series is a high thickness
thermo-transferable polyurethane film made to give
graphics a threedimensional effect. This material is
recommended for application of logos or graphics on
caps, sweatshirts and materials or fabrics with consistent
surfaces. The wide range of colors, including gold and
silver, allows for the creation of unique designs and letters,
which can also be overlaid or combined with other B-FLEX
The cutting lines of all the films are highly visible. Its
polyester non-adhesive carrier allows for fast weeding,
with a firm initial tack, which allows to cut details as small
as 1 cm.

• Knockout
• Multi-layer
• Layering with other series

• Cut – 60° blade
• Weed excess material
• Turn on your heat press – heat to 150°C/305°F
• Place your graphic on the garment
• Press it – 150°C/305°F for 15 seconds
• Remove the liner – cold

GIMME 5 Colours IN STOCK at C.L. Gibbs Solutions

BF T700NA – White Fatty

BF T730NA – Red Fatty

BF T710NA – Black Fatty